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Top Eagle Ford Shale Oil & Gas Producers

Fortress Environmental Services Provides 1-Stop Saltwater Disposal (SWD) Services, Frac Tank Washes and Truck Washes for Fast, Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Operations for Top Eagle Ford Shale Oil & Gas Producers

Map of Oil & Gas Producers in Eagle Ford Shale Play in Texas
Map of Oil & Gas Producers in Eagle Ford Shale Play in Texas

Top Eagle Ford Shale Oil & Gas Operators

Whether its oil, wet gas, or dry gas, all hydraulic fracking wells inject millions of gallons of water to fracture the shale rock structures which allows all of the trapped fluids to flow back into the well bore.

What most people don’t realize is that along with oil and gas, there are billions of gallons of ancient sea water that are located alongside the petroleum resources.  On average, an oil well will produce 10 barrels of sea or salt water for every 1 barrel of oil.

So Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas wells produce billions of gallons of saltwater per year that needs to be cleaned and then re-injected back to where it came from.  The flow back water contains sediment, salt water and petroleum-based fluids.  As the water is conveyed back to the top of the well it is stored in 500 BBL frac tanks. Over time these frac tanks fill up with sediment and need to be cleaned.

As the frac tanks fill up with flowback water, 130 BBL water tanker trucks pull up and download the produced water from the frac tanks and then transport it to saltwater disposal (SWD) wells.  After pumping out the wastewater at the SWD site, the truck’s tank trailer needs to be cleaned before it can be refilled with fresh water and trucked back to the drill site.

The frac trucks that transport water and wastewater to and from drilling sites drive many miles on dirt roads.  As a result, they also need to get regular exterior truck washes to meet TXDOT regulations to keep clean tanks and truck exteriors.

There are numerous SWD sites throughout the Eagle Ford Shale, but none provide frac tank washouts nor do they provide truck washing facilities. This means that a lot of time and effort has to be invested into transporting trucks and frac tanks to facilities in San Antonio or Houston to be cleaned.

The advantage of Fortress Environmental Services SWD truck stop is that the facility provides a one-stop shop for all of the services mentioned above. In addition to wastewater disposal, track tank washouts and truck washes, the facility also has a 50,000 BBL fresh water depot.

All of these services eliminate the need for truckers to drive hundreds of miles roundtrip to numerous different locations, which saves time, fuel and money for everyone involved.

Map of Eagle Ford Shale Oil & Gas Wells

Map of Producing Eagle Ford Shale Oil & Gas Wells