What Do We Do?

Fortress Environmental Holdings’ mission is to support the needs of the oil and gas industry by building facilities that are (a) environmentally conscious and (b) operationally efficient while (c) utilizing the best available technology to ensure we reach for the highest performance standards possible.

We are focused on providing services that help operators eliminate disposed water via facilities that are well-designed and cost-efficient. Our “One Stop” approach enables trucks to empty their tanks, get them washed out while also washing their entire truck and then filling up with water before going back on the road. We also provide pick-up, full-service cleaning and return of frack tanks.

We currently operate one facility in Gonzales County, Texas and are building another in Dimmit County, Texas.

Our facilities use the latest high-tech equipment to wash our trucks.
One of our client trucks being washed at our Gonzales facility.


Full-Service, Turnkey Salt Water Disposal with Top-Notch One-Stop Service

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