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Fortress Environmental Holdings (FEH) was founded by three executives:  Two of whom (Parsons and Casparie) have strong backgrounds in raising capital and one (Tim Koziol) who has a strong operating background. Parsons and Casparie have been raising capital together since 2005 and Parsons has been specifically focused on the Oil and Gas sector since 1994. Since they have built a reputation under the “ROKY” affiliate name, FEH has relegated much of the capital raising role to ROKY-OSI as that name is better recognized.

Mission & Purpose:

ROKY-OSI believes that the energy sector of the US economy still holds enormous opportunity for small, private investors to participate in a portion of the huge returns being secured every year by the large O&G companies. ROKY-OSI’s mission is to find the best projects with the highest returns and lowest (or most manageable) risks. To accomplish this feat, ROKY-OSI looks for strong relationships between themselves and the operators they invest in. On occasion, ROKY-OSI will take on a key role in both the financing and the operating of the investment in order to ensure both control and performance. As a result, ROKY-OSI limits the number of projects they engage in to only those they have the ability to manage properly.

Statement of Accomplishments:

ROKY-OSI (or its affiliates) has since 1994, under the direction of Mike Parsons:

  • Invested in approximately 175 exploration and/or development wells;
  • Has invested in properties located in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas and Colorado.
  • Raised in excess of $25 million dollars for projects ranging from O&G to precious metals.

The results have been impressive:

  • In 2005 alone, over $4M was paid back to investors from monthly production runs.
  • In 2006, one O&G investment was sold for $14.25M – representing a 3:1 return to participating investors.
  • In 2014, sold a shallow-water oil platform for ~$7M.
  • Current, unsold investments in the O&G and precious metals represents ~$272M.

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